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[Closed] 2013 World Food Day Poster Contest
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Enter the 2013
World Food Day Poster Contest!!



World Food Day(WFD) was
founded by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and has
been observed annually all around the world, every October 16, since 1981. The
event was established to increase awareness of world hunger and poverty and to
inspire solutions for world change.



by the FAO & the UN Women’s Guild in Rome


Submission Date
for Entries

Entries are accepted until 30 September 2013



Children and
youth between the ages of 5 and 17, living in any country of the world

Only one entry
per person. Submitting multiple entries under the same artist’s name will
result in disqualification

designs may be submitted using the same contact email address, but the artist’s
name should not be duplicated. This means that teachers or parents can upload
multiple files using the same email, but only one file per child is allowed


Theme:  'Healthy Food Systems'


Design Criteria:

Poster entries
may be drawn, painted or sketched using pens, pencils, crayons or charcoal, or
using oil, acrylic or watercolor paint, as well as mixed media. Digitally
created artwork is also permitted. No photographs are allowed

Poster entries
may or may not include text. If text is used, any language is permitted

All artworks
must be original and should not include photographic images of the contestant
or other personal information


Entering the contest:

participants are encouraged to watch the short contest video, and read about
the World Food Day theme. Younger children may want to learn together with a
parent or teacher

Complete all
fields in the contest entry form, upload your poster design and click SUBMIT.
Younger children may need help from an adult in making their online submission

Only digital
files in JPG can be accepted and submissions must be made online – please do
not send in physical posters

* Working on an A4 sheet or an 8 ½ inches by
11 inches sheet is recommended, to make it easier for you to scan and upload
your poster design. If your poster is larger, you may have to take a digital
photo of the work and upload the photo file


Contest prizes:

Winners will
be selected in three categories: ages 5 to 8, ages 9 to 12 and ages 13 to 17

Three winning
poster designs will be selected in each category

Winners will
be announced on 16 October 2013 – World Food Day

The top three
poster designs in all three categories will be published on 
World Food
website, and shared through the Facebook accounts of
FAO and the EndingHunger movement

of Recognition, signed by a United Nations official, will be sent to all the
winners. First-place winners in each category will receive the popular
EndingHunger T-shirt and a second surprise gift!


Copyright, privacy and other conditions:

FAO retains
the copyright on all artwork submitted

When winning
posters are published, only the first initial, full family name and country of
origin will be published. No other personal information about the contestants
will be published or shared


You can find more information at


If you have any questions email us!



"What is a food system?"


Food systems are how we grow, process, package, transport, store, market, purchase and eat our food.


If we are not careful, our food systems can be harmful to the environment. Food systems use a lot of water, create harmful greenhouse gases, and ultimately affect every plant and animal on the planet.  


The total population on Earth is expected to hit 9 billion by 2050. To feed everyone, food production will have to increase dramatically. 


We believe that it is possible to do this without harming the environment, and in a way that gives poor farmers a fair return for their efforts.  But food systems will have to change for the better. We will need new methods and technologies in all parts of the food system. Food shoppers will need to learn more about how their habits and choices affect farmers, and the environment. 


Each of us has the power to help change our food systems. By eating nutritious food and reducing the amount of waste we create, we can help make our food systems more sustainable. 


Food systems connect us all.  Let’s be part of a worldwide change that leads to a healthy future – for ourselves and for our planet.