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The Asia Pacific Agricultural Policy (APAP) Forum, launched in 2002, is a network and coalition of various organizations and individuals seeking to foster understanding of agricultural policies and build cooperation in agricultural development among countries in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Forum has hosted annual meetings to have presentations and discussions on current issues in the agricultural and fisheries sector since 2002. From 2011, APAP Roundtable has been additionally held mainly with the board of directors for detailed and in-depth deliberations on the topic and better preparation for annual meetings of the Forum.


Since the emergence of the WTO Regime, numerous multilateral and bilateral negotiations around the globe have affected agricultural markets in removing barriers and opening borders. As the competition intensifies in securing resources including food in the global market, the agriculture and rural communities in Asia-Pacific region are facing worse situations considering that they suffer from poor resources, food insecurity, and inefficient production due to the traditional, conventional farming environments.

With the given difficulties there needs to be strengthened cooperative relations among member countries through exchanging respective experiences and information in terms of agricultural policy and research to further develop the region's agriculture and rural economy. Yet, the establishment of substantial and effective cooperative network in and out of the region is still underway due to the differences in the stages of development of agriculture and historical backgrounds.

In the context of such needs and desires, the forum aims to contribute to strong cooperative network among experts, policy-makers, and private stakeholders and seek for recommendable alternatives applicable to the agricultural sector within the region.


1) Foster and reinforce cooperation on agricultural development issues among Asia-Pacific countries;
2) Hold symposia on major agricultural policy issues impinging on agricultural and rural development in the region; and
3) Support research on agricultural and rural development issues toward improving the information base for policy decision-making

Board of Directors

Chairman: Dr. Sang Mu Lee, Chairman, Korea FAO Association, Korea
Vice Chairman: Dr. Donato B. Antiporta, President, Asia-Pacific Policy Center, Philippines
Secretary General: Dr. Tin Htut Oo, Chief Advisor, UN ESCAP, Myanmar

Other members

Malaysia Dr. Larry Chee-Yoong Wong
Program Director, ISIS
Indonesia Dr. Hermanto Siregar
Vice Rector, Bogor University
China Dr. Ji Kun Huang
Director, Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy
Korea Dr. Yong Kyu Choi
President, GAPI
Japan Dr. Shoichi Ito
Professor, Kyushu University
Philippines Dr. Arsenio M. Balisacan
Secretary of Socio-Economic Planning
Dr. Tirso B. Paris, Jr.
Former Professor, University of the Philippines
Vietnam Ms. Hoang Thi Dzung
Deputy Director-General, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Bangladesh Dr. Saifullah Syed
Senior Agricultural Policy Officer, FAO/Rome

History of the Forum

Year No Subject Date & Venue
2013 12 Public Private Partnership in Agro-Food Sector Towards Food Security and Green Growth 30~31 Aug.
Seoul, Korea
2013 APAP Roundtable on Green Growth through Public Private Partnership and Food Security 1~2 Apr.
Miyazaki, Japan
2012 11 6 sessions on Public Private Partnership in Agriculture and Fisheries 3~4 Sep.
Seoul, Korea
2012 APAP Roundtable on Rethinking New Vision for Agriculture in the Asia Pacific Region : Towards Sustainable Food Security through Harmonized Public Private Partnership 5~6 Apr.
Danang, Vietnam
2011 10 5 sessions on Public Private Partnership in Agriculture and Fisheries 29~30 Aug.
Seoul, Korea
2011 APAP Roundtable on Market Integration and Regional Trade Expansion 1~2 Apr.
Gyeongju, Korea
2010 9 4 sessions including Rethinking Strategies for Global and National Food Security 21~22 Jun.
Seoul, Korea
2009 8 6 sessions including Negotiations Beyond WTO/DDA, FTAs, RTAs and EPAs 1~2 Sep.
Jeju, Korea
2008 7 6 sessions including Agricultural Negotiations & Regional Cooperation 9~10 Sep.
Seoul, Korea
2007 6 5 sessions including Bio-Energy Development & Asia Pacific Agriculture 10~11 Sep.
Jeju, Korea
2006 5 6 sessions including Food System Development and Agro-Food Industries 14~16 Sep.
Jeju, Korea
2005 4 4 sessions including WTO/DDA Negotiations and Asia-Pacific Agriculture 5~6 Sep.
Jeju, Korea
2004 3 3 sessions including WTO/DDA Negotiations and Asia-Pacific Agriculture 22~23 Sep.
Seoul, Korea
2003 2 5 sessions including Agricultural Policy Reforms Adjusting to WTO 22~24 Oct.
Suwon, Korea
2002 1 3 sessions including WTO/DDA, Food Security and SARD in Asia-Pacific 13~15 Nov.
Jeju, Korea