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Participation in/organization of FAO meetings

KFA attends major FAO meetings including Conferences, Councils as member of government delegation and hosted the 30th FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific in Gyeongju in 2010.

International Exchange & Cooperation

KFA organizes international forums and workshops and one of its key programs is the Asia Pacific Agricultural Policy Forum, launched in 2002. The Forum brings together national leaders and experts to exchange experiences and ideas on policy developments of agriculture, forestry, fisheries in the Asia Pacific region. It has also held the International Symposium on Agro-Food Industry Development from 2006 to 2009 to examine efficient strategies for the industrialization and globalization of Korean foods through the development of food industries and systems.

KFA also assists the government in hosting important events including the First Trilateral Agricultural Ministers' Meeting which was held during 14~15 April 2012 to assess the status of trilateral cooperation in promoting the exchange of information on agricultural policies pertaining food security, agriculture related diseases and other common issues and orientation of international agricultural organization of FAO, WFP, and IFAD.

KFA conducts international agricultural cooperation projects from 2008. KFA implemented SEARCA-KFA Joint Capacity Building Project on Policies and Strategies for Agricultural and Rural Development from 2008 to 2011 and Indonesian Agricultural Cooperation Projects from 2008 to 2009.

KFA implemented FAO TeleFood campaign in line with FAO's purpose to raise fund through photo exhibitions and art performances from 2002 to 2004.

Dissemination of Information

KFA gathers, translates and distributes data and publications by FAO and monitors latest developments on world agricultural policies from other international agricultural organizations

Major Publications (in Korean) are as follows:
  • - Monthly
  • ㆍWorld Food, Agriculture and Fisheries(since 1958)
  • - Annual
  • ㆍThe State of Food and Agriculture
  • ㆍThe State of Food Insecurity in the World
  • ㆍFAO Statistical Yearbook
  • ㆍFAO Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics Yearbook, etc.
  • - Others
  • ㆍSpecial Report: FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission to the DPRK, etc.

Liaison & Coordination with FAO

KFA liaises between FAO and the Korean government to efficiently and effectively proceed all activities connected with FAO.

Domestic Exchange & Cooperation

KFA have organized local forums on DDA/FTA negotiation in the agriculture and fisheries sector in each province since 2011 to devise negotiation strategies reflecting local public and experts' opinions. It has also arranged workshops for major members to discuss future cooperative plans based on the understanding of the activities of Korea FAO Association since 2010.