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Korea FAO Association(KFA) was established in 1957 upon resolution 19/51 and 23/51 made by the sixth FAO Conference(1951) recommending member governments to make sure their national committees be in a position of liaison and information agencies.

Unlike other national committees which were set up as national organizations, KFA was established under the Korean Civil Law(Article 32) as a non-profit association to encourage active participation from both public and private sectors.


Korea FAO Association aims to liaison and serve as a channel of FAO's services to Korean government and other partners and contribute to the development and the enhancement in each sector of food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries and forestry in Korea through flexible cooperation and information exchange with FAO, its member countries and other national, regional, international organizations

Core Function

Korea FAO Association is actively working to
  - Facilitate close communication and coordination between FAO, its members and the Government of Korea
  - Collect, translate and disseminate information on world food and agriculture
  - Establish international/regional cooperative networks by organizing and/or participating international conferences and seminars
  - Conduct projects for international cooperation commissioned by Korean government or other relevant organizations


Korea FAO Association has around 200 members including provincial governments, major agricultural organizations, universities, individuals, etc.


UN FAO and Korea

1949 Korea was admitted to membership of FAO at the fifth session of the Conference
1951 Korea sent its first delegations to the sixth session of the Conference
1963 Korea was elected as a Council member with the term of three years from 1965
1966 The eighth FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Far East in Seoul
1989 Korea was re-elected as a Council member and maintains its membership for nine consecutive terms
2010 The 30th FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific(APRC) in Gyeongju
* It was particularly meaningful that Korea, as the country which transformed from an aid recipient to a donor, hosted the second APRC in 44 years after the eighth APRC in 1966. Korea acted as Chair before handing over its chairmanship to Vietnam during the 31st APRC.
2013 Korea is the thirteenth largest contributor to FAO's regular budget(1.994% of FAO's total assessed contribution for 2014/15)